About us

University of Communications and Management Poznan, Poland (WSKiZ) was founded in 1997 by Towarzystwo Edukacyjne Gaudeamus. The mission of our school is "to form minds and personalities of people capable of facing innovative challenges brought by changes in the social and cultural sphere of the contemporary world".

Our values

In the everyday operations of our school we respect the four basic values that define our priorities. The most important of our values are:

  • Being practical
  • Opportunities
  • Balance
  • Friendliness

Our school employes the idea of being practical. We aim to create for our students an environment for learning, acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for the practical approach. We want to ensure our students are offered maximum opportunities both in the development of their interests, as well as their personal development. We organize additional educational opportunities, such as scientific circles, we ensure additional training possibilities (such as Computer Graphics Workshops, CISCO, Microsoft and TUV courses), we create a modern educational background. WSKiZ is practically the best!

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