Management and Industrial Engineering (BS program)

About the program

The Inżynier (BS level) program in Management and Industrial Engineering is a stable program. Specialists in this field are in demand in every manufacturing enterprise. Our graduate has the abilities of design of manufacturing processes, identify the equipment necessary for it, choose the adequate equipment, tune CNC devices parameters, define volume of production series. They know how to design a production schedule. They can identify supply and production resources. They can design launch of a serial production. They know support processes. They are able to provide managerial support in the fields of: cost calculation, calcultion schemes, management of a branch or of a whole enterprises. They know rules and methods of project management.

Poznan University of Communications and Management has offered this program Since 2004. Our offer is unique in the region of Poznań. In the program, our students will gain practical managerial knowledge and engineering skills in the area of manufacturing organization and management, that are in high demand in the local and international labor market. Practical skills guarantee an attractive position in an enterprise or allow to start an own business. We provide our students with opportunities to receive additional certificates, such as: TUV (TUV Akademia belongs to the TUV RHEINLAND GROUP – the world leader of system and product certification and training services).

The studies last:

  • full-time: 7 semesters
  • part-time: 8 semesters


Engineer of New Production Launch

Specialists in this area are in demand especially in innovative enterprises. They identify equipment required, define organization, volume of production series, series rhythm, series execution time. They can identify number of employees required, and launch every production.

Production Optimization Specialist

Knowledge of processes and their optimization are required in every enterprise – this is how enterprises win the competition fight. In an enterprise manufacturing over 15,000 various products, optimization includes all manufacturing stages: choice of products, manufacturing methods, choice of manufacturing equipment and employees.

Manufacturing Engineer

Specialists in this field ensure maintenance of manufacturing continuity. Their main features include being stress-proof and quick decision making, in addition to wide knowledge of manufacturing processes. Equipment exploitation, repair management, maintenance – these elements allow an enterprise to work continuously.

Environmental Protection in Manufacturing Systems

The nowadays economy is in high demand of specialists who through their knowledge and skills can create a positive image of an enterprises. Thanks to such specialists, an organization introduces alternative sources of energy (wind, photovoltaic) and heat (heat pumps). Waste management is carried out with respect for natural environment.


Why should you choose to study Management and Industrial Engineering?

Our strengths are:

  • Excellent faculty with vast practical experience in manufacturing enterprises in Poland and abroa.
  • We have well equipped laboratories and technical support in form of equipment and graphic software (3D printer).
  • Our students undergo training in manufacturing enterprises.
  • Over 50% of our curriculum are practical laboratories and other training forms.
  • We offer an attractive, practical study program through which students gain technical and economic knowledge.
  • We teach specialists – engineers in demand in all enterprises.

Study Curriculum

The main part of all classes takes place in specialist technological and computer laboratories (manufacturing technology, science of materials, laboratory measurement, material durability, informatics, etc.). We focus on manufacturing processes management, including design of new manufacturing, exploitation, objects or management systems. We organize every year workshops in computer graphics for engineers taught in Poznań by our partners from Computer Graphics Technology program at IUPUI (Indianapolis, IN, USA).

Our Management and Industrial Engineering students have internships (that are a part of the study curriculum) in the best companies in the Poznań area:

  • Steelpress Luboń Sp. z o.o.
  • Volkswagen Poznań Sp. z o.o.
  • Gerdes MC Sp. z o.o.
  • Fresh Logistic Sp. z o.o. (Raben Group)
  • Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.
  • Bridgestone Poznań Sp. z o.o.

Management and Industrial Engineering Graduates

Entering the labor market, our graduates find jobs in such areas as: modern manufacturing enterprises, manufacturing management in an manufacturing or service enterprise, quality management, manufacturing and services enterprises, in logistics, sales, and distribution departments. They can work as managing directors, middle lever managers, manufacturing steering managers, work safety managers, OHS analysts.

In 2008, our Ewolwenta team, LED by dr inż. Eugeniusz Neumann was ranked 3rd in Poland in a prestigious international enterprise management contest Global Management Challenge Poland 2008. That year, a record number of 371 student teams and 70 manager teams participated in the contess. All main Polish universities and the best Polish enterprises were represented.

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