Pedagogy is the field of study that is practical, addressed to those who want to work with people. The candidate for study should therefore be characterized by empathy, creativity, consistency in pursuit of goals, interpersonal skills. Pedagogy is interdisciplinary study associated with many areas of science and practical direction, after completing of which the graduate will be prepared for pedagogical activities. So if you want to have a real impact on the process of shaping society and future generations, Pedagogy is for you.

The duration of studies in semesters:

  • Stationary: 6
  • Extramural: 6

Degree: Bachelor


Elementary education and information science

The aim of the specialization is to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills in computer science, information technology, media, education. Students will gain a teaching qualification for training IT in kindergarten and grades I-III. One will have the ability to use new information technologies in education. Graduate can find employment in educational institutions, cultural institutions, enterprises, mass media, publishing, advertising.

Preschool and primary school education

The aim of this specialization is to obtain a teaching qualification to work with children in kindergarten and grades I-III. Childhood is a period in which the little people build the foundations of their identity. Hence, it is important to them to work with professional staff. We put so much emphasis on the development of the respective competences of the prospective teacher.

Vocational and personal Counseling

The purpose of studying on this specialty is to get the competence to work as professional specialists creating career paths. Graduate will be able to seek employment in psychological-educational counseling, HR departments and training, labor offices, in consulting companies, careers offices.


Specialization is targeted at people with a strong personality. The aim is to acquire competencies that help graduate to make changes in the attitudes of people who for various reasons are socially maladjusted. Graduate will be able to look for work in detention centers, prisons, correctional facilities, police, socio-therapeutic communities and educational facilities.

Professional qualifications

The general objectives of education and employment opportunities and continuing education for graduates. The aim of education is to prepare graduates to practice as a counselor or teacher by equipping them with the necessary competencies to work with people in different environments. Graduate has qualifications dependent on the chosen specialty. Among other things, one is prepared to work in education in educational institutions, specialist clinics, health services, police, institutions of social prevention, care centers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, media, advertising, private companies.

Education at bachelor degree allows to continue studies in the second degree and post-graduate studies.

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